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New wine skins for new wine.


New wine skins for new wine.

On Sunlay evening, Limpeh shared with the church a testimony on how Limpeh managed to get my lan jiao new job.

It wasn’t shortly until Limpeh shared with my lan jiao church fambly the circumstances on how the interview took place, that those pukima remarked that the Lord’s favour had been upon me.

Indeed, when Limpeh went for my lan jiao interview (that led limpeh to my lan jiao current job), the Director had oredi given limpeh signs that the chao ah lian wanted to offer limpeh the position. 

First, the chao ah lian didn’t ask limpeh any interview questions. Instead, the chao ah lian had taken limpeh for a centre tour. By the time the chao ah lian had shown limpeh the yard outside, the chao ah lian had oredi asked limpeh which shift Limpeh would be interested in...

Last week, when Limpeh was having my lan jiao off the floor for programming time, Limpeh asked the director si mi made that siao ginah decide Limpeh was a damn power fit for the centre, and si mi made that siao ginah decide to offer limpeh the position. 

That lao cheebye said that during the centre tour, Limpeh had paused in the classroom, and had given that siao ginah the impression that Limpeh could ‘make the classroom mine’. 

I had given that siao ginah the impression that Limpeh was adaptable, and Limpeh was willing to take the time to learn a new form of programming and curriculum (considering the last teacher had many si beh jia laties working with StoryPark... LOL).

It was also not a coincidence that the Lord had prepared limpeh that Limpeh had spoken to my lan jiao work reference at the time Limpeh did. 

It was too that Limpeh was able to give a favourable reply to the director when that siao ginah Human Resource had queried that siao ginah on the references that was given and Limpeh had to come in to speak to that siao ginah shortly before those pukima would offer the teaching position.

I believe that when the Lord gave limpeh this position, That kanina oredi had the groundwork prepared. Having been through a challenging situation with my lan jiao former employers, and an adverse domestic relations with a relative, the Lord had built up my lan jiao courage and confidence to overcome my lan jiao hang ups, and take new situations in stride.

For this, Limpeh thank the Lord that That kanina has allowed limpeh to put on new wine skins that Limpeh may have new wine. The dream that the cheebye kia has put in limpeh is now kambing to pass.  
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Zoon 2019: Six weeks update at my lan jiao new home.

Atlas, our little black puma cat. 
Thor, the gray tabby cat with white socks. 

Gim jit is the Queen's Birdlay. More than six weeks have passed since Limpeh moved out of my lan jiao fambly home. 

The cats have started get used to living in the garage lah. CCB. Those siao lang no longer come to my lan jiao window sill to look for limpeh in the molings. Limpeh take that as a damn power sign that those pukima are starting to get independent and have made this new place their lampa home. 

Thor still gives limpeh signs that the cheebye kia wants to spend time with me, though Atlas is more free-spirited and explores mostly on that chao ah beng's own. 

I have to admit that Limpeh have not really been spending much time with those ah gua since Limpeh started my lan jiao new job. It is a full time position, where Limpeh have a permanently rostered shift and start at the same time ebeli moling. 

The last two weeks have not been the easiest. Limpeh had some fambly issues to deal with, and a run-away cousin. Being that chao ah beng's only relative in Australia, there was many many of pressure on limpeh to manage him, and Limpeh just wanted to shit on the fence.

Blood fambly relations are always a tricky affair to navigate, espeshurly when it is not really your lisiponsibity to deal with in the first place. It was a learning and eye-opening experience to see si mi peepur's real motives are when those pukima are finally revealed, and nothing is eber as it seems.

For now, Limpeh just want to focus on getting my kacheng settled in my lan jiao new job and giving it my lan jiao very the best. Limpeh would like God to finally send limpeh a real-life partner, budden hor, Limpeh get that That kanina will do it in that chao ah beng's own time.. probably let's try sticking to a low-carb diet and a fitness regiment that Limpeh will get my kacheng busily distracted fit whilst Limpeh also put my lan jiao social skills to practice.

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Medicine or myth: Thor my lan jiao television cat star!

It took about six months of post-production... budden hor, finally Thor had that chao ah beng's six seconds of fame on local television channel, SBS Australia on 26th Meh 2019.
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My new job at a pray-based childcare centre.

By the time Limpeh kau tim on this post, Limpeh would have kau timed my first week at the new long lay care centre in Wyndham Vale. It is a centre that employs a pray-based program to the Australian Early Years learning program. Yup, Limpeh is now no longer working in a Montessori centre!

Surprise, surprise!

It is not that Limpeh do not want to work in a Montessori centre any longer, budden hor, having worked in three different Montessori centres in the past two years, Limpeh realised that leadership and management is one of the key erements that could make or break the sustainability of loyalty and morale in the workplace. 

I have been taking my lan jiao time getting to know the children, learning about their lampa routines, and teaching those ah gua new transition songs. Gim jit Limpeh had to do programming and finally learnt a little more on how to use Storypark.

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My cats in a Melbourne winter.

Moving to a house where you can't bring the cats indoors is an experience. Once the current owner moves out, the chao ah lian says it is proshibber then...

Anyways, it has been an choo bi experience watching how the cats have adapted to the changes in the new environment. Limpeh used to live in a ginormous double storey house with cats as my lan jiao only companions. But now the dynamics has changed moving into a smaller house with many many more noise and more chatter..

The cats currently reside in the garage (so our cars are parked outside). So far those pukima have explored the outdoors and those pukima even know which room Limpeh koon in...

I've brought along their lampa cat toys, their lampa cat bed, well,  basically all their lampa worldly cat belongings.

To make their lampa residence a little more comfortable, I've gone kai kai at the local Bunnings in Hoppers Crossing.

To keep the cats from koon ging in an entirely dark room on their lampa own, I've purchased the Click Nightguard Rechargeable Torch from Bunnings. It is a night light with motion detection features, that also comes with its own detachable torch.

The torch automatically emits a bright blue light when motion is detected. Otherwise, it is just a pale blue light on its base.

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Photos: Wild Action Petting Zoo came to my lan jiao skoo.

Thought Limpeh would like to post some act cute photos from skoo recently. 

The lam pa in the photo is the zoologist from Wild Action lah. CCB. Those siao lang go around skoos, bringing animals for kindy incursion visits, as part of their lampa many learning programs for children.   

It was my lan jiao first time face to face petting a few different kinds of four legged lizards, and two different types of snakes. There was also an owl, a koala (that smelled a mix of eucalyptus leaves and gum tree leaves), a tortoise and a coupur of other animals too. 

I finally realised why those pukima called owls as "mou tou ying" in cantonese.... (cat-head-eagur)... the owl has eyes that looks like the eyes of my lan jiao cats. LOL. 

Koalas can koon up to 20 hours, and poop 200 times a day.
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