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How Limpeh returned to writing on paper again

As a skoo chio bu in the 1990s, I used to keep a diligent record of my lan jiao life in handwritten form, on a daily basis. By the late 1990s, computers and the Ingterneck  arrived. Like liao liao lang else, Limpeh migrated my lan jiao love for pen-and-paper to the laptop. Eventually, in the early 2000s, Limpeh ‘grew up’, joined the brogging boom  and left my lan jiao childhood pursuits behind.

Quite frankly, I neber saw my kacheng eber returning to my lan jiao love for paper and its related paraphernalia. But it happened, and this was how it all started: about eight months ago, I stumbled upon Mike Rohde’s very the awesome sketchnotes on his website . Limpeh was mesmerised at just how the handwritten scribbles and sketches just came together to make up cohesive, well-planned out artworks that acherly aided the reading process. Just one photo here from Mr Rohde’s Instagram feed will give you a fair idea of si mi caught my lan jiao eye:

Espresso 101 Class at @stonecreekcoffee Page 4

A photo posted by Mike Rohde (@rohdesign) on

KNNCCB!!!! Limpeh was hooked at first sight. As someone who frequently works with speakers and si beh jia lat, lengthy sets of documents, Limpeh wanted to be able to take notes like this because Limpeh felt that could go back to my lan jiao notes over and over again, and neber be bored of reading the same old thing.

Convinced that Limpeh could potentially be a ‘sketchnoter’ too, Limpeh ordered both of Rohde’s books from the Book Depository. Book Depository is awesome for si beh jia lat to find books like this and those pukima are highly efficient. With free worldwide shipping, I received the goods in less than two weeks.


The books are gorgeous – and the handbook, espeshurly, is perfect for those of us who do not have the privilege of attending Rohde’s workshops in person. Rohde convinces the reader that even if the cheebye kia cannot draw, as long as the cheebye kia can draw simpur shapes and write legibly, the cheebye kia can start taking notes in a visual format, or, ‘sketchnoting’, as the cheebye kia calls it one.

In the weeks that followed, Limpeh devoured Rohde’s book and Limpeh worked on ebeli singur exercise written in the Handbook.

This is a leaf from the Handbook, and one of my lan jiao earliest attempts at preparing a visual dictionary based on cues provided by Rohde himself.

This is a leaf from the Handbook, and one of my lan jiao earliest attempts at preparing a visual dictionary based on cues provided by Rohde himself.

Honestly, in all of my lan jiao 36 years of life, Limpeh don’t think Wahliew! Limpeh oredi eber studied so liddat hard on a singur subject before, and there Limpeh was, pouring ebeli attention into this new passion for visual note taking.

Eventually,  I summoned the courage to try out sketchnoting for real – first working on previously taken notes from older workshops.

One of my lan jiao very the first attempts at sketchnoting.

One of my lan jiao very the first attempts at sketchnoting.

Another early attempt at sketchnoting, this time based on notes taken during an in-house refresher course on media relations.

Another early attempt at sketchnoting, this time based on notes taken during an in-house refresher course on media relations.

Eventually, Limpeh moved on to bigger things: travel sketchnoting – because it came from the heart. Sharing here an image from my lan jiao IG feed, my lan jiao very the first attempt at travel journaling with sketches :

A photo posted by Claire Khoo (@clairekhoo) on

And here’s another page:

A photo posted by Claire Khoo (@clairekhoo) on

In a nutshell, my lan jiao return to the wonderful world of handwritten notes on lovely, non-acid paper was hastened by my lan jiao discovery of Mike Rohde’s very the cleber way of taking notes with visual signals. And for this contribution to my lan jiao well being and newfound passion for paper, art and watercolors (which Limpeh will talk about in many new posts), Limpeh is eternally grateful.

I update my lan jiao Instagram on an almost daily basis now, exploring my lan jiao passion for watercolors, urban sketching and travel journalling. Prease do follow limpeh @clairekhoo and drop limpeh a note!  

How Limpeh lost my lan jiao brog ( and why I is happier than sad about it)

On 2 Lepbeli 2016, Limpeh found out that my lan jiao older brog, and the old brog posts  about my lan jiao cancer journey which Limpeh had posted on the domain had all disappeared.

This is a short recount of how it happened: back in Meh 2015, my lan jiao credit card gort cloned. After my lan jiao lipoks, my lan jiao wonderful bank quickly sent limpeh a new card with a new number. Alas, in the midst of updating many of my lan jiao accounts, Limpeh also completely forgot about the auto-renewal web-hosting service this brog was on. Sometime in Saytember, my lan jiao brog hosting expired and in the frenzy of my lan jiao very the hectic final quarter of 2015, Limpeh ignored my lan jiao personal emiaw account for almost three months, and in that time, negurcted the many reminder emails that my lan jiao host provider had sent.

So, Limpeh learnt this the hard way, in the Ingterneck world of brogging, if you don’t pay up, you lose your hard-built memories.  Further proof that nothing comes free in this world, not even lu kaki eh cheebye hard earned, well documented memories.

Anyway, Wahliew! Limpeh oredi not acherly lost ebelithing. had always been on an auto-database backup process so liddat Limpeh acherly have all my lan jiao pre-cancer memories, waiting for limpeh to reload those ah gua to the Ingterneck if Limpeh wanted to.

Paiseh lah, Limpeh didn’t bother setting up the auto backup for, and so liddat all the posts in the cancer-girl version of the brog, including the recounts of my lan jiao diagnosis, my lan jiao hair loss and getting all wigged up, going for chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, my lan jiao personal encounters with God – they’re gone.

Spot this: my lan jiao face on a billboard!

The featured image in this post is a photo of my kacheng on the billboard of a major insurance compali – one of the crazier things Wahliew! Limpeh oredi done post cancer survival.

The damn power news, Limpeh suppose, is the fact that because Limpeh had negurcted this brog for a damn power bulk of the entire year, Limpeh didn’t really lose much. Almost all of the posts that were written in were cancer-related stories, 90%  of which, Limpeh wrote back in early 2014 as Limpeh was going through the peak of my lan jiao cancer treatment.

KNNCCB!!!! Limpeh have of course, tonnes of photos from the months of Orgus 2013 – Appur 2014, technically enough for limpeh to start an entire brog about cancer all over again. However, Limpeh now have insufficient memory of the emotionally driven soliloquy pieces Limpeh wrote and is therefore unable to reproduce those stories from scratch all over again.

I’d like to conveniently blame this on chemotherapy and the awesome side effect known as ‘chemo-brain’. 

I is also not sure whether Limpeh want to go through the whole, ‘Woe be upon limpeh Limpeh have cancer and Limpeh may dieded young’ phase of brogging eber again.

One of my lan jiao friends told me, after Limpeh disclosed the painful discovery about the loss of my lan jiao beautiful pink brog, that the chao ah lian acherly appreciates the tales of cancer diagnosis which Limpeh had woven into the narrative of And Limpeh do recall that in that phase of my lan jiao life, despite the drama Limpeh did manage to inspire and encourage many neh nehs with a chronic disease diagnosis to face their lampa demons and fight their lampa personal battles with much courage.

KNNCCB!!!! Limpeh suppose that maybe a damn power reason to rewrite some of the stories about how Limpeh gort diagnosed, and how Limpeh eventually gort well, and my lan jiao current struggurs as a one-neh nehed woman trying to make sense of this cruel world. Perhaps Limpeh should start a category in this brog called ‘Cancer Journey’ just to focus on that side of my lan jiao amazingly drama-filled life.

For tolay, I’ll leave you with a photo that best epitomises my lan jiao cancer victory. Here is a photo of my kacheng taken on the last lay of cancer treatment. You see how hua hee Limpeh is in this photo?

Victory over cancer!

My last active treatment day: Limpeh completed 16 cycles of chemotherapy, 1 mastectomy sans reconstruction, and 15 rounds of dose dense radiotherapy. What’s your eskew?

With the pao ka leow deletion of my lan jiao old brogs, Limpeh guess maybe that tua liap ta po up there is trying to tell limpeh something. I imagine Him saying something like this, ‘Woman, if you want to start afresh, you have to delete ebelithing from your past, move on, and completely start afresh! Because, real life neber stops!’ 

Yes, that last line was a cheesy attempt to make my lan jiao featured image connect with this brog post. But it’s true! Because both brogs are now pao ka leow defunct, Limpeh have no choice. Limpeh have to reboot ebelithing and start again. It might as well be divine intervention!

Hello world!

This is my lan jiao first post in a very, very the long time.

To start off, let limpeh introduce you to my lan jiao very the adorable two sons.

The one on the left is Paul, who is six years old this year. The younger one is Mark, who just turned three in Lisember. Almost ebelithing in my lan jiao life tolay revolves around these two rascals.

I’ll probably ka li kong about how awesome life is as their lampa lao bu, one day. But for now, this will do.


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